Monday, August 2, 2010


So my roadmap, or to-do list, or what have you, is kind of like this:
  1. Word client
    • Port Anaphraseus
      • Write OOo <=> Word Basic cross parser
    • Use an IP-based server connection to a TM of my own devising (below)
  2. TTX/Xliff client
    • Based on wxPerl and Wx::Declarative
    • Features can be taken largely from Xliff editor in Translation Workspace
    • Also talks to TM via IP-based protocol
  3. TM server with IP-based protocol
    • Basic database is easy
    • Fuzzy matching needs some examination
    • Also Wx::Declarative target
Here's how I expect to increase my productivity:
  • Simultaneous spell checking and terminology checking as I work; separate query window pops up queries unobtrusively after each segment committed
  • Decisions made in the query window are propagated back into the active document and any other documents in the same open project - this includes both terminology checks and spell checker dictionary additions. (Terminology and the spell checker will share a database.)
  • Frequent words are identified for accelerators; accelerators for terminology in the open segment are displayed in a cheat sheet window. Any repeated words in incoming segment translations are also identified as potential accelerators.
That's the first phase.

The second phase will probably start to incorporate some MT. Note OpenLogos especially in this regard; there's a library I could use with confidence. Post-editing will include the syntax-aware editor in some way.

Well - this has definitely been a late-night post; it's really more note-taking than anything.

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